Pic Store – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q – What is Pic Store?

A –  Pic Store (www.picstore.com.au) is the online web site for viewing, searching and purchasing photo images from news and information sites related to Star News Group.

Q – Can I order printed photos?

A – Sorry we supply digital download photos only.

Q – Can I get some help to search/find some photos?

A – Sorry we cannot search for Photos for you. Our ordering system is automated. Please use different search terms to find photos.

Q – How much do photos cost?

A – Visit our pricing and delivery section on the site to learn more about photo image rates.

Q – Can I order more than one image?

A – Yes. You can order as many as you would like.

Q – Can I order an image and download the image to print myself?

A – Yes. Download your images and print them on your own print device or save the image to portable media such as USB stick and take to your favourite photo printing retail store.

Q – I live outside of Australia. Can I still order photo images

A – No. Sorry we do not offer the service outside of Australia at this time.

Q – I would like to order and download digital photos.  How long will I have to wait for my phots(s)?

A – The photos images ordered for digital download are processed upon completion of your payment and are then available. The complete process is almost instantaneous. Your order link will be sent using the email you provide at the time of sale.
Q – I have a business. Can I purchase some photo images for commercial use using Pic Store?

A – No. We do not offer photos or download images for commercial use.

Q – How do I contact Pic Store?

A – Please visit the contact us page of this web site for these details.

Q – The photo I want to download has black borders or blocks on the top and bottom or left and right sides. Why is this?

A – From time to time photos are cropped for editorial purposes and the end result is that pictures only fill a portion of a standard photo. You will be able to see this issue if the photo you want has the black borders.

Q – There is the word www.picstore.com.au repeated across the photo I want to purchase. Will this disappear when I order my photo

A – Yes. The Pic Store watermark with the web address will appear on the web site, but not on purchased images.

Q – Are there any restrictions to the use of images?

A – Yes. Please review the terms of use policy for Pic Store photos.

Q – Why can’t I find the photo I want?

A – Although we have tens of thousands of photo images on the Pic Store photos site, some may not have been taken by our photographer and are therefore not available or the photo may not yet have been added to the web site.

Q – How often are photos posted on the web site?

A – We typically post new photos onto the site within 48 hours of being loaded into the system.